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Analysis Of Antigone By Sophocles - 879 Words

In Sophocles’s Antigone, which centrals around themes such as bravery in the face of death, civil unrest, and unyielding dedication to divine justice, it is easy to understand how Ismene’s character is often called cowardly, docile, and indecisive. However, if one were to take away Antigone as a comparison, Ismene may appear in a different light. She survived her tragic upbringing through rational thought and a sort of optimism that others will do the same, while still managing to keep her love for her family intact. Though not as glorious or as charismatic as Antigone, Ismene is a sympathetic character in her own right, not merely a passive doll who does as others says. Ismene, much like the rest of the royal house of Thebes, is a tortured soul. From the moment of her birth, Ismene was cursed, being the daughter of the incestuous union between Jocasta and Oedipus. She suffered not only through the unfortunate origin of her birth, but Ismene lost ever member of her fami ly beside her only sister, Antigone. Consider, sister, how our father died, hated and infamous; how he brought to light his own offenses; how he struck out the sight of his own eyes; his own hand was their executioner. Then, mother in wife, two names in one, did shame violently on her own life, with twisted cords. Third, our two brothers, on a single day, poor wretches, themselves worked out their mutual doom (49-58). To add to her suffering, the only other surviving member of her family, Antigone, comes toShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Antigone By Sophocles1859 Words   |  8 Pagesthe play I am summarizing is called Antigone by Sophocles, the genre of this play is Greek tragic, it comes after two other plays where as in the first one Oedipus was supposed to end up being the king so he killed his father and wanted marry the mother. Where as in the second one its just stories of his kids and their meetings with Theseus, the King of Athens. Antigone main properties of a Greek tragedy play would have to be the characters and the plot. Antigone ends up sacrificing herself just toRead MoreAnalysis Of Antigone By Sophocles1078 Words   |  5 Pagesworld. Sophocles perfectly and beautifully was able to portray the ambiguity of our reality. Antigone and Kreon both have valid reasoning and are justified in their views in Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone. Neither is purely good or evil, but are simply t wo embodiments of contradicting beliefs, each based upon just reasoning. Antigone’s rebellion is based on her love for her brother, an act of emotion and passion. Kreon’s verdict is based upon logic and reason from his position of power. Antigone is aRead MoreAnalysis Of Antigone By Sophocles1408 Words   |  6 PagesGuadalupe Martinez July 1, 2015 AP Literature Antigone Throughout the course of human existence, there has been a clear division line that defines the gender roles that have been followed. History has taught us many things and included within that list is inequality. Men and women haven t been treated equality for many years in the past, but the good thing is that now, women have at least a little bit more justice done towards them. Although throughout time in recorded history, women have shownRead MoreAnalysis Of Antigone By Sophocles1074 Words   |  5 PagesSmith 1 Gabriel Smith Professor Christopher Foster English 1302 01 March 2016 Essay 2: Antigone A hero is a person who shows courage or noble qualities in the face of danger. There are many different types of heroes in literature and media such as superheroes saving the world, or an everyday fireman saving a kitten from a tree. Deriving from Greek literature, tragic heroes are common among early literature. Tragic heroes are defined by Aristotle by the following requirements, they must come fromRead MoreAnalysis Of Sophocles Play Antigone 1308 Words   |  6 Pagesrituals to the husband. Sophocles play Antigone shows us the three different types of women: Antigone, the protagonist that is highly determined; Ismene, the fragile sister of Antigone; and Eurydice, the wife of Creon. Each of these characters lifestyles,personalities, and choices directly affects the character s mortality. The women characters in Antigone show great difference of the most important two stages of life, life and death. One of the conflicts in Antigone, is the struggle betweenRead MoreAnalysis Of S ophocles Antigone By Sophocles And The Libation Bearers2088 Words   |  9 PagesSince ancient times, Greece has honored the importance of family relationships and values through their literature and culture. The importance of kinship is seen explicitly in the plays Antigone by Sophocles and The Libation Bearers by Aeschylus. Both plays utilize family values as their central theme and root of action. The depth of blood bonds is the driving force behind the thoughts, actions and decisions of the characters and the conflict and plot in the plays. However, the path that each characterRead MoreAnalysis Of Sophocles Antigone And David Hares1314 Words   |  6 PagesIn both Sophocles’ play Antigone and David Hares’ drama Page Eight the plots center on politics and personal identity. The ideas of personal identity and politics are, however, presented in very distinct manners. In Antigone, Sophocles portrays politics and personal identity in a nullifying manner as they lea d to death and there is no happy ending. Hares, on the other hand, presents politics and personal identity in a more constructing manner as there is no tragic deaths and there is more of a pleasantRead MoreAnalysis Of Sophocles Antigone, Creon, The King Of Thebes1280 Words   |  6 PagesStalonacles â€Å"Your temper terrifies them† (Sophocles 222). In Sophocles’ tragedy â€Å"Antigone†, Creon, the obstinate king of Thebes, embodies the stereotypical monarch. Ancient Athens, where Sophocles called home, used plays to educate their audience and persuade them to think a certain way; thus, Sophocles wrote of the struggle between Creon, and his son, Haimon, from the perspective of a member if a democratic government. Sophocles sought to influence his audiences political beliefs by creatingRead MoreAnalysis Of Homer s The Iliad And Sophocles Antigone Essay2322 Words   |  10 PagesHomer’s The Iliad and Sophocles’ Antigone paint a mural for what Greek society and people were like during their time; a mural that has survived through the ages, and ultimately allows us to see into their way of life. Both stories revolve around two main characters, Achilles and Antigone, respectively, who face a dilemma in a society where the monarch’s rule is absolute. Achilles, the greatest warrior of the Achaean army, constantly faces the oppressive rule of Agamemnon, with the understandingRead MoreSophocles Tragedies Oedipus Rex and Antigone: Character Analysis of Teiresias595 Words   |  2 Pages Sophocles tragedies Oedipus Rex and Antigone both present the character of Teiresias as being a strong individual who has supernatural powers and is dedicated to assisting society by using them. Even with this, the fact that his information mostly generates suffering around him makes it difficult for him to put across his thinking and is visibly a reason for pain rather than being a blessing. The character is often chastised as a result of the information that he provides, as individuals practically

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